Vegan Latkes Three Ways

Latkes are a traditional dish that can be found at almost every Hanukkah celebration. Whether you prefer a traditional version or a unique spin, these recipes are sure to be the hit of any holiday gathering!


 1.  Latkes with Turmeric and Cilantro

Photo courtesy of May I Have That Recipe?

These golden, crispy latkes are a plant-based version of the traditional holiday favorite.


1. Vegan Potato Latkes (gluten-free)

Photo by mollyjade, flickr

Celebrate the miracle of the oil as you fix up a batch of these gluten-free, crunchy potato pancakes.


3. Sweet Potato Latkes with Almond Crème Fraiche
VHCC Sweet Potato Latkes with Almond Creme Fraiche image p 55

Photo courtesy of Candle Café

This version from Candle Café is made with a mix of russets, sweet potatoes, and fresh chives, topped off with a dollop of creamy almond crème fraiche.


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