V-licious Snacks For Yourself and Your Friends!

Did you know that February is National Snack Month? Even if you did, you probably wouldn’t have guessed the wide variety of amazing V-licious snacks out there. Googling “vegan snacks” returns more than four million results! Here are just a handful of delicious options.


Curry-Spiced Cashews

Do you have a thing for curry? Looking for an excuse to get in a few extra antioxidants that can be found in curry? Or do you want a new twist on a familiar nut? We’ve got you covered here! Full details.


Vegan Pizza Cracker


From the “exotic” to the standard, you can get a healthy yet super-tasty pizza snack in cracker form! Full details.


Vegan Cheez-Its

Wait. Are you serious? Yes, these ridiculously cheesy crackers will astound (and possibly addict) your family and friends! Full details.


Cheesy Kale Chips


Keeping with the “cheez” theme, we’ll toss in the still-trendy and always-tasty kale. Know someone who doesn’t like to eat their greens? Hit them up with these! Full details.


Potato Twisters with Avocado Coriander Dip

A more standard chip, but with several delicious twists! Full details.



Okay, we couldn’t pick just one of these amazing ways to prepare chickpeas. So we have Bacon (yes, bacon — animal-friendly, of course!) Roasted Chickpeas


… and Crispy BBQ Roasted Chickpeas.

Let us know your favorite!


Banana Bread Animal Crackers

Closing out on the sweet side, these super-cute crackers might transport you back to childhood. Can’t shape them into lions and giraffes? Just call them amoebas! Full details.