Fanny, a former cow used for milk production, is a constant source of joy at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter, where she has created her own happy family with an orphaned calf named Conrad and a handsome rescued steer named Thunder. Millions of dairy cows like Fanny spend their short lives in a constant cycle of pregnancy and milking, having their calves taken away at birth so that the milk can be collected for humans to buy and drink. When production declines at about 3 or 4 years of age, they are deemed “spent” and sent to be slaughtered for human consumption, often as ground beef. Fanny was headed toward that fate when we came across her at the stockyard. She had clearly endured serious neglect. Her horribly overgrown hooves made every step painful, and her legs buckled under the weight of her enormous udders. As soon as Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team was able to gain access to Fanny, we brought her in for immediate veterinary attention. Now recovering at our New York shelter, Fanny is happily grazing on her new pasture with Thunder, Conrad, and the rest of the herd.


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