Rouxbe Cooking School

Plant-Based Cooking Classes with Chef Chad Sarno.




Introducing the acclaimed Rouxbe Online Cooking School – our new cooking school partner that will help you become a better plant-based cook. Rouxbe’s approach is a bit different than most as they focus on teaching people the techniques behind successful cooking using close-up instructional cooking videos and a robust learning platform that will guide you through the whole process of becoming an exceptional plant-based cook.

 getting started

You will start with a free 1 week trial so you can check out their vast library of instructional plant-based videos and recipes. You can even jump into a few cooking school lessons or short courses to whet your appetite to Rouxbe’s interactive learning platform.

If during your trial you think that Rouxbe will help you become a better plant-based cook, we’ve arranged a $200 scholarship to Rouxbe to continue your cooking education. You will only pay $99.99 plus $4.99 per month for as much learning as you would like.

10% of the proceeds from your membership will go to support Farm Sanctuary animals and programs.

“Recipes are a great resource, but if you can’t execute them because you don’t possess the right set of skills, cooking can often be hit-and-miss. Rouxbe wants to help people be successful in the kitchen, build confidence, and ultimately cook more plant-based foods,” says Joe Girard, CEO of Rouxbe

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