Meet Vinnie

Vinnie, a resident of our New York Shelter, is a big rooster with a big personality, but he started out his life very small and weak. Vinnie the rooster was being raised for meat production on a factory chicken farm. He lived inside a dark and barren warehouse packed in tightly with thousands of other birds, conditions that are typical of factory chicken farming. Smaller than the other birds, Vinnie was unable to contend with the larger chicks around him, and he was getting hurt in the scuffle. Workers in factory farms see misery and death all the time, but sometimes the plight of a particular animal strikes a chord. Vinnie’s did. A factory farm worker took Vinnie home, and he was eventually taken to Farm Sanctuary to receive the love and care he needed to recover. At our New York Shelter, Vinnie has plenty of free space to roam and a spacious, clean barn to sleep in.