Our Top 5 Tips for eating on the fly

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Finding delicious plant-based meals and snacks while traveling is not only a fun adventure – it’s simple with just a bit of planning.

1. Pack Snacks.

Stash a few of your on-the-go favorites in your suitcase so you’ll always have a snack handy. Think granola bars (Clif Bar ® has several plant-based varieties which you can find at most gas stations) nuts, or pretzels. For a convenient hot meal, look for oatmeal packets or soups that can be made with hot water. You can even find hummus packs that don’t require refrigeration!

2. Do Your Research

Planning a trip is exciting! As you research your destination and decide on all the things you’d like to see and do, also think about where you want to eat. You can use websites like or to look up vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants along your route. Also see if there is a Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or other natural foods store nearby – they’ll have great veg options!

For a handy guide on what to order at popular chain restaurants, visit On the Road.

3. Go Mobile

Before your trip, be sure to download the Happy Cow app so that you can pull up veg-friendly restaurants near you, including directions and suggestions for what to order. The Yelp app is also great for finding veg options. Just type  “vegetarian” or “vegan” and the name of the city you’re traveling to into the search field.125x125


4. Ask Around

Poll your friends on social media! Post to your Facebook or Twitter networks asking for restaurant recommendations in your destination city. Friends who live locally, or who have traveled to the same place, might have great personal suggestions.

5. Learn the Lingo

Traveling internationally? Take the time to look up a few plant-based dishes that are popular in the area you’re visiting. Then, learn how to order them in the local language!


Do you have any favorite tips for veg traveling? Share them in the comments!