Harrison & Loretta

Watching Harrison and Loretta licking each other and playing on fields of our Northern California Shelter, you’d never know they once had a life other than this. For Harrison, however, life almost ended as soon as it began. Harrison the calf was found lying alone in an open field, days old and barely breathing. Recognizing that he was only hours away from death, a local humane officer rushed him to a nearby veterinary hospital. Harrison was administered antibiotics and fluids, but it wasn’t enough to get him safely through his ordeal. Learning from veterinarians that Harrison’s chances of survival would increase if given access to his mother’s milk, the humane officer sought out his mother, Loretta. While calves who are raised for beef are typically separated from their mothers shortly after birth to be fattened up for slaughter, Harrison will live out the rest of his life with his mother, Loretta, at Farm Sanctuary’s Northern California Shelter.


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