Happy Birthday Julia Child!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the beloved icon Julia Child! Child’s cheery enthusiasm and passion for the art of cooking touched the hearts of many and inspired them to enjoy their time in the kitchen. Since the release of Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 1961, the world has exploded with master-chefs and food-lovers who have embraced the joy and art of the vegan meal! While Child herself may never have focused on the delicious possibilities of plant-based cuisine, plenty of creatives have since paid tribute by “veganizing” her treasured recipes. With the recipes gathered below, all can enjoy the artful process of some of Julia Child’s favorite meals with the added joy of a cruelty-free dish!


1. Vegan Tarte Aux Pomme

Photo courtesy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking: The Vegan Version

Julia says this traditional French apple tart consists of “a well flavored applesauce spread over a partially cooked pastry shell…over which you place thinly sliced apples in a design of overlapping circles.” Enjoy this beautiful baked good hot out of the oven or serve cold! View full details


2. Julia Child’s Le Cordon Faux Boulangere Potatoes

Photo courtesy of Super Vegan

This blogger took to the kitchen after being inspired by Child and created her own version of this French potato dish by subbing out butter and chicken stock with some veg-friendly alternatives! View full details 


3.  Cool Cucumber Soup

Photo courtesy of The Jazzy Vegetarian

This delightful tribute to Julia substitutes tofu for heavy cream and delivers a remarkable stand-in for her chilled cucumber soup. Perfect for enjoying in the hot summer month of August! View full details 


4. Truffled Seitan

Photo courtesy of Artisan Vegan Life

The art of French cooking is admittedly more high maintenance than our usual recipes, but if you’re feeling up for the challenge and want to produce a five star vegan meal try Miyoko Schinner’s recipe for truffled seitan! View full details