Easy Recipes for Back to School

This month, as the little ones head back to school, we say goodbye to the warm, carefree days of summer and welcome backpacks, freshly sharpened pencils, and of course, lunchboxes. As family schedules change, meal prep may need to change as well. Whether you’re looking to fill your child’s lunchbox, create a nutritious after school snack, or pack an adult-sized meal, these recipes will provide the inspiration!


1) Five Vegan Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of it doesn’t taste like chicken

Try these five delicious ideas for lunchbox-ready sandwiches, like the mouthwatering T.L.T (tempeh, lettuce and tomato). Blogger Sam Turnbull provides a different option for each day of the school week! View full details

2) Waste Free Vegan Lunch Ideas for Kids

Photo courtesy of Live. Learn. Love. Eat.

These waste-free ideas are so much better than individually wrapped lunchbox items, which often create unnecessary trash. DIY meals are perfect for eliminating waste, and hunger! View full details

3) Chickpea Nuggets

Photo courtesy of My Plant Based Family

Pair these plant-powered nuggets with BBQ sauce and the kids will be dipping away in no time! View full details

4) Carrots in a Blanket

Photo courtesy of Neurotic Mommy

Who want’s to eat a cute little piggy? Not us! Try this fun idea instead for an instantly lovable after-school snack! View full details

5) Six Kid-Approved Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

Photo courtesy of Well Vegan

A sprinkle of soy cheese and veggie pepperoni over an English muffin is sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike! These super easy ideas are all-around crowd-pleasers. View full details

6) Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Photo courtesy of Eat Within Your Means

Get out the food processor and a cup of chickpeas because this chickpea salad sandwich is for foodies who love everything about tuna salad sammies — except the tuna! View full details

7) Froggy Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of Fork & Beans

Have you ever seen a cuter sandwich?! The adorable googly eyes are reason enough to add these to your shopping list. View full details

8) Zucchini Tater Tots

Photo courtesy of She Likes Food

Yet another wonderful use for this year’s zucchini harvest! Add to any sack lunch for a sneaky serving of veggies. View full details