How to Ditch the Dairy

Mac n Cheese High editA growing number of people are ditching dairy in favor of delicious, healthy, dairy-free options. With amazing choices like these, it’s easier than you think

Dairy-free Milk and  Creamer

Dairy-free milk products not only taste great, they typically contain as much or more calcium than dairy milk. You can find a wide range of options in most grocery stores, made from nuts, soy, coconut, rice, or even oats. With so many varieties, you’re sure to find one you love! Look for brands like Almond Breeze®, So Delicious®, Califia Farms®, and Silk® in many major chains.

Ice Creacoco-ice-cookies-creamm

No one has to scream for this ice cream, because dairy-free ice cream is cruelty-free! Try coconut, soy, or almond varieties from brands like So Delicious® and Coconut Bliss®. If you’re going out for a frosty treat, you can find non-dairy fro-yo made with almond milk at TCBY®. And stay tuned, because Ben and Jerry’s® has even announced that they’ll soon be offering several flavors of vegan ice cream.

Daiya_cheddar_bag_JuneCheese? Yes, please!

Can’t live without cheese? With so many creamy, melty dairy-free options, you don’t have to! Try Daiya™ cheese for a perfect pizza. For sandwiches, Field Roast Chao® slices can’t be beat. No cheese and cracker tray would be complete without selection from Treeline®, Kite Hill, or Miyoko’s Kitchen.

Cheesy Cheats

Dreamy, delicious meals without dairy? Believe it.

  • Nuts- Create velvety sauces with soaked, blended cashews. See our cashew cream recipe.
  • Coconut milk- Decadent desserts (even ice cream!) are delicious when you use the canned variety
  • Nutritional Yeast- Add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast to anything that needs a cheesy flavor. It’s great on popcorn!

Nutritional yeast flakes in a wooden spoon isolated on white with clipping path included.

Other Dairy-Free Delights

Butter: For cooking, baking, or simply slathering your toast, reach for a non-dairy spread like Earth Balance®. Sour cream/cream cheese: Tofutti® and Follow Your Heart® each make delicious dairy-free options which are widely available in grocery stores.

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Photos courtesy of: Spork Foods (main), So Delicious, Daiya, Earth Balance, and Tofutti)