Cooking Demo with Kevin Archer

Learn to Make Tempeh Tacos, Caesar Salad, and More!

Chef Kevin Archer treated a group of volunteers at Farm Sanctuary to a private cooking demo, where they learned to make Spanish Rice Pilaf, Tempeh Chorizo Tacos, Grilled Tofu, and a Caesar Salad. Once you see the complete dishes, you’ll be excited to try making them for yourself. And luckily, you can — we filmed the full demo!


About Kevin Archer

Certified chef Kevin Archer leads Peace Meal Supper Club, a series of fine dining events focused on socially progressive themes. Through the use of multiple media forms — word, food, music, and film — these immersive events explore the ethical impact of our eating choices.

Kevin has worked as culinary director, executive chef, and general manager at several landmark vegan restaurants across the country. He is a frequent presenter at festivals throughout the eastern United States. A nationally recognized humane educator, YES! Magazine includes him among their “Chefs We Love.”

He can be contacted via