Beans Beans, They’re Good for Your Heart!

Did you know there is a National Bean Day? There is – January 6! And here are some wonderfully creative ways to celebrate the amazing plant-powered goodness of our beany friends!


1. Tomatillo Black Bean Tostadas (Cookie + Kate)


Tomatillo black bean salsa on top of crispy baked tostadas so good you won’t be able to stop at two. We suggest some vegan sour cream on the side. Full details.


2. Refined Sugar-Free Turtle Brownies (Minimalist Baker)


That’s right; these delicious turtle brownies are made with black beans! Beans are a great addition to desserts and no, your desserts don’t taste like beans, they taste amazing! Full details.


3. Chickpea Balls in Marinara (Ceara’s Kitchen)


This meatball recipe is pretty simple but doesn’t lack impression. Chickpeas make exquisite “meatballs.” Full details.


4. Pineapple Black Bean Quinoa (Fragrant Vanilla Cake)


This quinoa dish is sweet, and savory with a little kick that will captivate you. Full details.


5. Vegan Minty Cotton Candy Ice Cream (Elephantastic Vegan)


Ice cream that is made with beans? Yes! It’s that gooey liquid you’d been tossing from your cans of chickpeas. You won’t do that anymore once you’ve discovered it’s aquafaba, the key to wonderful plant-based whipped cream! Full details.


6. Pesto Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and White Beans Over Vegan Cheesy Polenta (Connoisseurus Veg


Succulent cherry tomatoes with hearty white beans swim in a sea of cheesy polenta. It’s sure to hit the spot. Full details.


7. Smoky Black Bean Beet Burgers (Minimalist Baker)


Beans make incredible veggie burgers and this one is unbelievably delightful. Full details.


8. Vegan Pot Pie with Portobella, Green Garbanzo, and Shallots (Olives for Dinner)


Craving something warm, hearty, and full of carbs? This is it. Full details.


9. Creamy Artichoke. Leek, & White Bean Hummus (Blissful Basil)


Homemade hummus is the best kind of hummus. Full details.