Ask the Dietitian



Ginny-Messina1 Have questions about nutrition? You’re not alone! Sorting through all of the information out there can be tricky. That’s why has partnered with registered dietitian Ginny Messina to bring you a weekly column answering health and nutrition questions submitted by V-lish readers like you.



Ginny Messina is a registered dietitian and a public health nutritionist. She writes and speaks about vegetarian and vegan diets for both health professionals and the public. Ginny has written multiple books on the subject of plant-based nutrition, including Vegan for Life and Vegan for Her. You can follow Ginny’s work at The Vegan R.D.


Q & A

Can I actually be healthy on a vegan diet?
Can I get enough protein from plant foods?
Will I get enough calcium without consuming dairy?
Will I become anemic if I stop eating meat? Which plant foods supply iron? 
How does diet affect cancer risk?
How can I boost my energy on a plant-based diet?
Is the Vitamin A in plant foods as good as meat and milk?
Do we need to eat fish?
Should I eat nuts?
How much and what kinds of soy do people in Asia eat?
Which plant milks provide the best nutrition?
Do I have to worry about Vitamin B12?
Can I be vegan if I can’t cook?
What are good snacks for kids?
Are vegetables like cauliflower and parsnips good for you?
How can I meet my nutritional needs?
What are healthy fats for kids?