Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!  Did you bring home a four-legged friend?  Who can resist those pleading eyes?  That cute little nose?   That sweet doggy smile?  Let’s start our new pals off right with whole-food treats that they’ll go nuts over!  We’re also including a great recipe for a plant-based dinner.  Now our furry friends can have their own Meatless Mondays!  Or better still, how about Meatless Everyday?  Plant-based proteins provide our buddies with the nutrients and amino acids they need!

You can train your new friend in no time with these amazing treats.  Who wouldn’t learn a new trick with these delicious bites as a reward?  They’re easy, healthy, and less expensive than commercially prepared treats.  Your dog will love you.  You’ve given them a good home, good food, and your unconditional love.  Who’s a good human?  You are.  You are.


1. Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Photo Courtesy Damn Delicious

The coconut oil in these yummy treats is great for your doggy’s skin and coat.  And this recipe is hypoallergenic to boot! View full details.


2. Sweet Potato Apple Treats

Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

Sweet, chewy, and packed with Vitamin A, these will make your pooch swoon. View full details.


3. Carrot Oat Applesauce Treats
Photo Courtesy Baking Mischief

Photo Courtesy Baking Mischief

Only four ingredients!  And horses love them too!  (As long as your dog doesn’t mind sharing.) View full details.


4. Raspberry Banana Dog Treats
Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

Raspberries, bananas, molasses, and oats?  We might have to sneak one of these for ourselves. View full details.


5. Sweet Potato – Pea – Quinoa – Banana Dog Food

Photo Courtesy VegAnnie

Easy and inexpensive, this doggy dinner is packed full of nutrients.  Your best friend will howl for more. View full details.


6. Blueberry Cherry Mint Biscotti
Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

Let your dog dunk these very berry biscotti in their water dish. View full details.


7. Banana Flax Vegan Dog Biscuits
Photo Courtesy Healthy Slow Cooking

Photo Courtesy Healthy Slow Cooking

These treats are flax-tastic!  They’re full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your dog.  (And you!) View full details.


8. Carob Skulls with Peanut Butter Brains


Why should humans have all the fun this Halloween?  Dress up your buddy  and put one of these scrumptious, scary treats in their Trick or Treat bag. View full details.


9. Strawberry Carob Oats Dog Treats
Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

Photo Courtesy Doggy Dessert Chef

It’s like a chocolate-covered strawberry for your dog.  Save these for your doggy’s date night! View full details.




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