What to Order

Whether you’re eating in or ordering something to go, these tips will help you make the most of meat-free eating on the fly!




In even the tiniest of U.S. towns, you can usually find at least one Chinese restaurant. If your favorite dish is General Tso’s Chicken, try asking for General Tso’s sauce served over tofu (sometimes listed as “bean curd”) or veggies instead!




Many of the spice-rich curries you’ll find at an Indian restaurant are naturally vegetarian. You server will be happy to tell you which entrees and sauces are meat and dairy-free.




Cauliflower Ricotta shellsItalian

Opt for pasta with marinara sauce, oil and garlic, or fresh tomatoes and basil. If you’re ordering pizza, load it up with olives, peppers, and other veggies and skip the cheese for maximum health benefits.



avo rollJapanese

For sushi, try an avocado or cucumber roll. Make a meal of it by adding edamame, miso soup, or vegetable tempura. Many Japanese restaurants also offer a vegetarian bento box.





Virtually all Mexican restaurants have a veggie or bean burrito on the menu. Load up on beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips for a super-satisfying meal.




 C79C Smoked Paprika Hummus image p 16-725x386Middle Eastern

There’s nothing quite like a soft, fluffy pita stuffed with warm falafel, creamy tahini, and crisp vegetables. For a side dish, try tabbouleh salad, dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs) or hummus.



DeliciousEats_springrolls_robertomartin copyThai

From tofu smothered in creamy curry sauce to fresh veggie spring rolls, a Thai take-out menu is filled with veg options. Thai restaurants often use fish sauce to flavor some of their dishes, so be sure to ask the server to leave it out to keep your meal meat-free!