Vegan Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is underway in Deutschland! The world’s largest beer and traveling funfair will run until the first weekend of October and bring in more than six million people!

But even if you can’t make it all the way to Germany to see the Mayor of Munich tap the kegs, you can celebrate at home with delicious festival-inspired dishes! So try one of these seven V-licious recipes, invite over some friends, and let the festivities begin!


1. Vegan Schnitzel

Photo courtesy Elephantastic Vegan

Schnitzel is one of Maria’s favorite things in The Sound of Music.  This crispy, plant-based version is one of ours! View full details.


2. Vegan Beer Brats

Photo courtesy Brand New Vegan.

Did you think your grilling days were behind you? Nein! These homemade brats will have even your most doubtful relative coming back for more. View full details.


3. Braised Red Cabbage
Photo courtesy Elephantastic Vegan

Photo courtesy Elephantastic Vegan

What a beautiful shade of purple!  This sweet and tart side dish is packed with nutrients! It’s the perfect accompaniment to any Oktoberfest meal. View full details.


4. Oma’s Traditional German Potato Salad

Photo courtesy Fav Healthy Recipes

Just like your grandmother would make – without the bacon.  This version is creamy and a little sweet, with a perfect pop of vinegar. View full details.


5. Spaetzle

Photo courtesy Elephantastic Vegan

This modern twist on a classic dish is egg-free. Creamy avocado sauce makes this rich and healthy. View full details.


6. Yuengling Soft Pretzels with Beer “Cheese” Sauce
Photo courtesy Morsels & Moonshine

Photo courtesy Morsels & Moonshine

What says Oktoberfest better than pretzels and beer?  Have them both in one perfect bite! View full details.


7. German Chocolate Cake with Caramel and Nut Filling
Photo courtesy Morsels & Moonshine

Photo courtesy Morsels & Moonshine

Who doesn’t love chocolate and coconut?  This moist and delicious cake has a sweet surprise between layers – a sumptuous caramel nut filling! View full details.