On the Road

Our handy guide to veg options at popular chains

Whether you’re on the road, at the airport, or just looking for a quick, cheap meal, this guide will help you find veg options at some of the most popular chains in the U.S.



Print out a copy to keep in your glove box!













Start with a tortilla (flour or corn), and fill it with your favorites. The sofritas, beans, rice, vegetables, salsas, and guacamole are totally plant-based. Don’t forget a side of chips!




Order the Amy’s Veggie Burger without cheese or butter and a side of seasoned fries for a classic on-the-go meal. For breakfast, try the oatmeal or Fit Fare® Veggie Skillet, hold the egg whites.

Fuel yourself for the miles ahead with coffee in French Vanilla, Blueberry, Caramel, Coconut, or Hazelnut. Some locations now carry almond milk for your latte or cappuccino. Hungry? Try the Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Twist or an order of hash browns.



If you see a sign for a Johnny Rockets, you’re in luck! The Steamliner burger is totally vegan. Perfect with a side of American Fries.



Both the pizza crust and sauce are free from animal products, so order a pie with no cheese and load it up with all of your favorite veggie toppings! Bonus: order the Crazy Bread® without Parmesan cheese and dunk it in a side of Crazy Sauce®.

Enjoy a Green Passion Power Smoothie for breakfast, and a bowl of Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup for lunch.  Keep a close eye on the menu: Panera has announced that they’ll be adding more plant-based options in the near future!

Opt for hand tossed pizza dough with any of the following sauces: pizza sauce, BBQ sauce, buffalo dipping sauce, or garlic dipping sauce. Hold the cheese, and top it off with your favorites veggies.

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Choose the thin and crispy crust, which is totally egg and dairy-free. Top it with your usual veggie toppings, and Classic Marinara Pizza Sauce. They’re happy to hold the cheese (and you won’t miss it)!


Starbucks offers both soy and coconut milk, giving you seemingly endless flavor combination options. Try a dairy-free latte in flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, or mocha. To keep your drink dairy-free, ask the barista to leave off the whipped cream, java chips, or caramel drizzle.


Subway is a veggie road trip staple. Order a Veggie Delite on sourdough, Italian, or hearty Italian bread and spice it up with yellow mustard, sweet onion sauce, guacamole, or buffalo sauce. Select locations offer the Malibu Garden and Black Bean subs, which are totally vegan.


Taco Bell is officially the first fast-food restaurant to offer meals certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Try the 7-Layer Burrito, but hold the cheese and sour cream, and add potatoes. Season with any of the Border Sauces. For dessert, try an order of Cinnamon Twists!

Menu items are subject to change. To be sure your meal is 100% plant-based, check the restaurant’s website.