Meet Nikki, a doting mother sow who spends her days looking after her babies Chuck, Ellen, and Portia, despite the fact that they are 700-pound adult pigs! Nikki is understandably protective; she gave birth to her piglets on the top of a flood levee when the Mississippi River overflowed its banks in 2008. Nikki was a breeding sow. She spent her life in a cage barely bigger than her body and was used to produce babies, who were taken away to be raised for pork. Proving that pigs can be courageous and devoted mothers, Nikki built a nest out of twigs and branches and kept all her babies safe until we came to her aid. A breeding sow like Nikki will normally have her piglets taken away after only three weeks, but Nikki will be able to live out the rest of her life with her very muddy and deliriously happy family here at our New York Shelter. You can help protect animals like Nikki, Chuck, Ellen, and Portia by eating meat-free!


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