National Cocoa Day!

The days keep getting shorter, and the air colder. What better way to warm up than V-licious hot cocoa?


1. 5 Minute Vegan Hot Cocoa (Minimalist Baker)


This recipe for hot cocoa is simple and quick, which is perfect for when you’re craving a nice warm chocolate treat on a whim. Full details.


2. Frozen Hot Chocolate (Chocolate Covered Katie)


It may be cold outside but you cannot pass up a chance to indulge in some frozen hot chocolate and this recipe makes it easy! Full details.


3. Raw Maca Maple Hot Chocolate (Fragrant Vanilla Cake)


This healthy hot cocoa is guilt-free.  Maca root helps with energy and mood balance. If you’ve been down because it’s been dreary outside this drink may just help you get that pep back in your step. Full details.


4. S’mores Hot Chocolate (Minimalist Baker)


A graham cracker rim and marshmallows on top make this luscious hot chocolate a s’mores lover’s dream! Full details.


5. Almond Joy Hot Chocolate (Fragrant Vanilla Cake)


If you’re not into plain hot chocolate then try this one! It’s rich with coconut milk, real vanilla bean, and flavored with almond. Full details.


6. Pretzel Frozen Hot Chocolate (Minimalist Baker)


This frozen treat has a delicious salty and sweet combo going on that we love! We suggest topping it with the works. Full details.


7. Cozy and Quick Mint Cocoa (Namely Marly)


This cocoa is so easy and simple it’s unreal.  It is made with Silk Mint Chocolate Soymilk, a holiday drink that you can find in stores. Full details.


8. Ginger Hot Chocolate (Minimalist Baker)


Adding ginger to hot cocoa gives it extra warmth with a little bit of spice, but not enough to be spicy. Ginger is also good for digestion! This light dessert is perfect for a cold winter’s night. Full details.


9. Tea-Infused Hot Chocolate (Namely Marly)


Tea has endless amounts of health benefits, so if you’re craving something warm and sweet, but are feeling guilty, try this recipe. Full details.


10. Vegan Peppermint Drinking Chocolate (Minimalist Baker)


This drinking chocolate is definitely a dessert more than a drink. It is creamy and packed full of peppermint, but it’s not complete without the coconut-whipped topping. Full details.