Meet Miyoko Schinner: Vegan Cheesemaker

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When making the switch to dairy-free, many of us have one burning question: How will I live without cheese? The good news is, we don’t have to! Innovative cheesemakers now offer products that have the same taste and texture as traditional cheese, but without the dairy. In honor of National Cheesemaker’s Day this Saturday, let us introduce one of our favorite vegan cheesemakers: Miyoko Schinner.

Miyoko, a best-selling author and renowned chef, has been “on a mission to recreate the flavors and textures she once enjoyed from dairy cheese before becoming vegan.” In 2012, after years of experimentation, she published Artisan Vegan Cheese. The book was a success, and requests for her cheese as a ready-made product exploded.  To satisfy this demand, Miyoko created  Miyoko’s Kitchen, the first artisanal vegan cheese company in Northern California.

We had the chance to try Miyoko’s organic, plant-based cheeses,  and it’s nutty how good they are. Literally! Her artisanal, vegan cheeses are crafted from cashews.

Using the same aging and fermenting processes as dairy cheese, Miyoko creates nut-based cheeses that are satisfying and delectable. A special, plant-based culture allows the development of the complex flavors. All varieties have no cholesterol, gluten, soy, egg or lactose, and are GMO-free, making them perfect for anyone who loves cheese (even our dairy-eating friends couldn’t tell the difference!).DoubleCreamChive Packaging

The creamy mouth-feel and the intense, complicated flavors Miyoko’s Kitchen creates are as familiar and as pleasing as “real” cheese. Whether soft and spreadable or hard and sliceable, there many varieties to choose from.

We had a tough time picking a favorite, but you’ll definitely want to try the Double Cream Chive.  It’s a soft, herbal cheese with a mild garlic flavor. Serve it old-school on crackers or bread.

Or forget trying to choose one, and try them all at a wine and cheese party!

So what are you waiting for? Happy National Cheesemakers Day!  Have a “grate” time trying all these amazing creations! (Cheesy, we know!)