Meatout Recipes

Five Delicious Ways to Eat Meat-Free on March 20

Looking for some recipes to help celebrate Meatout? Here are five of our favorite meat-free recipes from the V-lish  archives. Not only are these recipes easy to prepare, they are so delicious you’ll never miss the meat! Whichever recipes you choose, you can feel great knowing that by eating meat-free you’re helping animals, improving your health, and saving the planet! Already eating meat-free? Share with friends to encourage them to try it!

Make sure you’re ready to whip up meat-free recipes like these by arming yourself with  25 Plant-Based Pantry Staples.


073370_waldorf chicken salad_21 (2)

Waldorf-Style “Chicken” Salad

With a delectable mix of sweetness, creaminess, and crunch, we’re sure it won’t just be the animals that are happy with this recipe on the table; your diners will be, too. Featured in Gene Baur’s new book Living the Farm Sanctuary Life.




DeliciousEats_BigBenLentilBurger_SarahKramer copy

Big Ben Lentil Burgers

Just five ingredients, ten minutes, and a little salt and pepper, and you can enjoy these burgers as a simple, delicious meat-free meal.




BUFFALO WINGSSpicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

NFL pro David Carter says that this spicy, crispy buffalo wing recipe “hits the spot every time!” Great to share with friends (though you may not want to!).




Deliciouseats_tofubenedict_robertomartin copy

Tofu Benedict with Chipotle Cream

Start your meat-free day off right with this decadent twist on a classic Benedict, smothered in smoky Chipotle Cream.





Dijon Portobello Steaks

There is nothing quite as naturally meaty (without being meat) as a thick, juicy portobello steak! Serve the mushrooms with fries and a punchy verde sauce, or press them into a panini.