National Cookbook Month: Living the Farm Sanctuary Life!

It’s National Cookbook Month! And to celebrate, we’re featuring Living the Farm Sanctuary Life by Gene Baur. Written with Gene Stone (Forks Over Knives), this informative lifestyle guide is filled with personal stories, real-world advice, and inspiring testimonials on how to lead a compassionate life.  It also emphasizes the importance of living and eating in alignment with our values by making mindful choices about our food.

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life shows us that we can do better by “match(ing our) hearts with (our) food choices and, in so doing, help solve many of modern life’s quandaries, ranging from the intolerable plight of animals in the factory farm system to our nation’s poor health to environmental devastation.”

The book shares five tenets for compassionate living and offers easy-to-follow suggestions on how to incorporate them into our daily lives:

  1. Live and Eat in Alignment with Your Values
  2. Engage in a Mindful Connection with Animals
  3. Engage in a Mindful Connection with Your Food
  4. Eat Plants … for your Health
  5. Eat Plants … for the Health of the Earth

Did we mention that the book also includes over 100 recipes from well-known chefs and celebrities that everyone will enjoy? A terrific recipe from the book is Sesame Soba Noodles with Collard Greens and Tempeh Croutons by one of our favorite contributors, Nava Atlas.

Let us know how you’re living the Farm Sanctuary Life! Sharing this book (and a delicious meal) with the people you love is a great place to start.

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life!



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