V-licious Barbecue!

Memorial Day officially launches barbecue season. Get ready for V-licious BBQ with the recipes below!   10-Minute Sweet and Tangy Maply BBQ Sauce (Blissful Basil) There are, of course, countless varieties of BBQ sauce you can buy at the store. But what better way to get into the barbecue season

For Sparrow’s Sake, Give People What They Want

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten over the past 30 years is how to convince a loved one – often, a spouse – to go vegan. It is a difficult question, and I’ve struggled to find a satisfactory answer. Today, though, it is much easier to answer this

Pigs in a Blanket!

Today is National Pigs in a Blanket Day! We love to make sure that Farm Sanctuary’s resident pigs can snuggle into blankets when it is cold. Our friends at Vegan Mos also have this recipe, which shows how easy it is to make V-licious pigs in a blanket. With so

National Farm Animal Day!

To celebrate National Farm Animal Day, here is a guide to creating a great turkey dinner!

Happy Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!

  One of the most common questions we receive here at Farm Sanctuary is whether or not it is ethical and safe to feed your dog a vegan diet. In honor of International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, we’ve consulted experts in the field of companion-animal health and have also compiled

Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!  Did you bring home a four-legged friend?  Who can resist those pleading eyes?  That cute little nose?   That sweet doggy smile?  Let’s start our new pals off right with whole-food treats that they’ll go nuts over!  We’re also including a great recipe for a plant-based dinner.  Now

National Cookbook Month: Living the Farm Sanctuary Life!

It’s National Cookbook Month! And to celebrate, we’re featuring Living the Farm Sanctuary Life by Gene Baur. Written with Gene Stone (Forks Over Knives), this informative lifestyle guide is filled with personal stories, real-world advice, and inspiring testimonials on how to lead a compassionate life.  It also emphasizes the importance of

The Best Pumpkin Recipes to Welcome Fall!

Pumpkin! Yes, let the pumpkin mania begin! It is officially fall, and as the trees change and that familiar chill returns to the air, the joy of seasonal cooking begins! First up on the list of holiday crazes is pumpkin. And boy is it a good one! Follow these recipes

Ask the Dietician: Do We Need to Eat Fish?

Q: I just read a book that says vegans would be healthier if we started eating fish. Is that true? I hear about health benefits of fish all of the time. Ginny Messina, R.D.: I read that book, too! And it definitely didn’t convince me that vegans need fish. For a long


Nikki the pig lives a safe and happy life with her three grown piglets at Farm Sanctuary, but they almost didn’t make it.