National Strawberry Day!

Strawberries! A wonderful, healthy, and beautiful fruit. You’ll note there are many different V-licious ways to use strawberries.   Strawberry Coconut Granola (Minimalist Baker) Light, crunchy, fruity. Super-healthy, yes, but absolutely delicious. Feel free to drown in almond milk and top with fresh strawberries or bananas. Full details.   Strawberry

New Twists for International Hummus Day!

International Hummus Day is May 13, and this protein-packed party snack is definitely something worth celebrating. At V-lish, we devour it by the tubful! But sometimes, we crave something a little different. These bold recipes are definitely not your hum-drum hummus flavors! Celebrate by trying these unique varieties (or simply grab

V-licious Egg Month

May is National Egg Month, so be sure to get our Egg Replacer guide (pdf). Deviled eggs are a go-to appetizer for many celebrations, including Memorial Day picnics! However, you don’t need to eat eggs to enjoy this party favorite. Here are five healthier, animal-friendly egg-free ways to get the “deviled”

Get Ready for V-licious Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the unlikely victory of the Mexican militia over the French, reigniting a sense of national pride among the Mexican people. In the U.S., the 5th of May is a great occasion to explore Mexican food and drink. Here are 10 plant-based dishes to honor the day. 1. Tortilla Soup Created by

Passover and Easter

Our good friends at WoV have a collection of great links for this time of year! For Passover, they have recipes for Matzah Tater Tots, Vegan Chopped Liver, and Matzah Pizza! For Easter, Deviled Potatoes (above). They also have a guide to celebrating Easter, from painting eggs to peeps!

Last-Minute Meals for a V-licious V-Day

Whether you have a hot date, party plans, or are treating yourself to a night in with dinner and a movie, we know it can be hard to find the time to come up with an impressive meal to wow your guests (or yourself). We’ve got you covered with these

Show your love for all beings this Valentine’s Day with cruelty-free chocolates!

Here are a V-licious dozen of our favorite cruelty-free chocolatiers. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to show some love for your friends and family – and the animals – look no further!   Chocolate Decadence Calling all chocolate lovers: These truffles and chocolate hearts come nestled in

Get Ready for Parties!

Going to a party? Ring in the New Year or watch the big game with these amazing snacks – they’ll please even your most hard-core friends! 1. Festive Pomegranate Guacamole (Cookie+Kate) This healthy guacamole is great for the holidays and can be served with chips or vegetables. Full details.   2.

Wonderful Holiday Desserts!

This time of year is highlighted by a bounty of various desserts. Does your family have a favorite? Here are a few V-licious treats to try!   1. Vegan Gluten Free Gingerbread Men (Minimalist Baker) This is a one-bowl recipe! Gingerbread men cookies are a classic staple for the holidays

More V-licious Holiday Recipes!

We explored a lot of great recipes and products in our previous posts on Thanksgiving recipes and products available for purchase. And our Ultimate Meat-Free Holiday Guide is the go-to pdf for the best feast yet! And yet, we have even more recipes to add to your favorites for your holiday