Your Ultimate Guide to Meat-Free Eating

In his latest book Living the Farm Sanctuary Life (available from Rodale in spring 2015), Gene Baur shares the story of Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s largest and most effective farm animal protection organization, which he founded in 1986. Then, he shows readers how they can “live the Farm Sanctuary life” by eating animal-friendly, meat-free meals.

Here is just a sample of the helpful info you’ll find in the book:

•How to stock your pantry

•Easy substitutes for animal-based foods

•Cruelty-free fashion tips

•Eating vegan on the cheap

In addition to how-to tips, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life features over 100 meat-free recipes, like Waldorf-Style ‘Chicken” Salad, “The Best Tofu Scramble You’ve Ever Had,” Queso Dip with Chips, and Salted Caramel Chocolate Bliss Bites.

What people are saying:

 “Every one of my visits to Farm Sanctuary makes me feel happy and healthy. I feel the same way every time I dip into this inspiring book, which is a fantastic guide for everyone interested in living a healthier and more humane life.” —Emily Deschanel, actress and producer

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