Soups to Fight the Winter Chill

Winter weather got you down? Fight the chill with a hearty bowl of soup. Each recipe is 100% plant-based, makes enough to share, and is guaranteed to warm you to the core!




1. Minestrone
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Photo courtesy of Homemade Levity

A cold weather favorite, this satisfying minestrone is chock-full of pasta, beans, and veggies. View Recipe


2. Tortilla Soup
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Photo by Quentin Bacon

The winter blues don’t stand a chance against this zesty soup from Chef Roberto Martin. View Recipe


1. Butternut Squash Jalapeno Soup w/ Lemon and Avocado
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Photo courtesy of Sweet Simple Vegan

Like a bowl of liquid sunshine, this slightly spicy, lemony soup is sure to brighten even the gloomiest day.

View Recipe


4. “Chicken” Noodle
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Photo courtesy of Beyond Meat

All of the comforting, healing goodness of chicken noodle soup made cruelty-free. View Recipe